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What distinguishes the Mézières method from other comparable methods?

The Mézières method is unique and differs from most other forms of manual therapies in one major way:

– Classically, physiotherapy and most other forms of bodywork work on a particular function to restore it. For example, to restore a lost, weakened or impaired function in the shoulder joint, the therapist would exercise or mobilize the shoulder in an attempt to regain normal functioning.
– In contrast, the practitioner of the Mézières method would restore function by restoring form. Form comes first. The ‘cure’ is achieved through morphological normalisation. Since the cause of the problem is rarely where the pain or dysfunction is felt and because of the existence of Muscular Chains, the reshaping process is never localised.
We have, in the Mézières method, a truly original and innovative approach to physical therapy. It aims to remove the primary cause of all of our musculo-skeletal ills.

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