Indications & Treatment Overview

The Mézières’ Method is the treatment of choice for musculo-skeletal disorders such as the ubiquitous back pains (cervical, upper, mid and lower spine) and joint pains (hips, knees, feet, shoulders, elbows, hands and spine) and their complications such as tendonitis when they are caused, as it is often the case, by tight muscles.

The Mézières’ Method is also indicated for postural distortions such as bow legs, knock knees, genurecurvatum (hyperextended knees), flat or hollow feet, hyper-lordosis in the cervical or lumbar spine (excessive curvature of the spine), round back (hyper-kyphosis) and scoliosis.

By addressing the root cause of these problems, the Mézières’ Method provides a long-term solution to acute or chronic musculo-skeletal problems.

During the first session, the Mézièrist will take a history of your complaints and discuss your aims and objectives. You will be examined in the standing position, front, back and side views, to obtain a thorough morphological and postural assessment.

Then, you will lie down on your back on a mat where the Mézièrist will investigate the tone of your muscular chains. The Mézières’ Method uses novel and subtle neuromuscular techniques including specific postures, a particular type of breathing, and hands-on work by the therapist. The work is demanding but not painful and requires from the patient active participation and sustained concentration.

The sessions last about one hour with, ideally, one- week intervals, at least during the initial stages of the therapy. Since the Alexander Technique and the Mézières’ Method complement each other very well, it is advised to dedicate about a quarter of the one hour session to the Alexander technique.

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